John & Alaina Tenseth with Family 

"We understand that they are not just pets, but part of your family."

About us

John Tenseth, owner of Ring Leaders, has groomed and showed dogs with his father since he was 8 years old. John started grooming as a business in Minnesota in 1964.  The “Ring Leader” name started with his show dogs, which were the “show ring leaders”. The Tenseths have been grooming in the local area since 1976. Alaina, co-owner and wife, is a registered member of the National Dog Groomers. 

Ring Leaders Pet Care Center is just south of Willow Park. The kennel provides a grooming area, cat boarding area, and 40 individual inside/outside kennel runs. The kennel has 24 hour supervision. Runs are heated and cooled inside. Outside runs are covered for protection from the diverse weather and conditions that may arise.